Fulmar ringing


Young Fulmar chick up close and personal


Even at a young age already developing its hooked beak and ‘tube nose’


Team in action

Sunday 13th August comments: Mid-August is witness to the final seabird ringing of the year as the last birds to fledge; the Fulmar chicks are ringed. Having been incubating eggs for up to 60 days and then raising chicks for another 50 days, the Fulmar chicks are almost ready to depart.

However in true Isle of May style, the birds are not leaving without being ringed (which helps contribute to the huge amount of seabird data collected on here). However its not that straight forward and not that easy…

The Fulmar chicks are on the cliff ledges without parents (who are out fishing) but these little bundles of fluff are not as defenseless as they may seem, as they spit an oily substance at any intruder which comes close. And oh boy it smells. So if you are visiting the island in the next few days, be warned its not the seabirds which smell just the staff!

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