Seal Season approaching…

Sunday 27th August comments: We’ve seen a change in recent weeks on the Isle of May NNR as seabirds have almost completely gone apart from those staying for the winter (small numbers of Shags and Eiders). However it wont be long before we welcome the start of a new ‘season’….seal season.

In mid-September we expect our first Grey Seal pup to be born on the island; the first of nearly 2,500 pups which will be born across the island from mid-September-December. As the island is open until 1st October, if you visit you’ll get a chance to see the large haul-outs of Grey Seals which starts to occur from now.

These impressive beasts make the island their safe sanctuary for the autumn to pup and as usual we’ll bring you all the news, views and photos from the island throughout this time. However if you want to see it for yourself, then visit and enjoy the magical Isle of May (island open daily until 1st October weather dependent).

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