Breeding Seabirds 2017

Wednesday 30th August comments: As we are about to welcome a new month, we can now officially say goodbye to our seabird breeding season. It was a tough year (the wettest June on record tells you all you need to know) but seabirds are hardy and breeding numbers are up across all species:

Fulmar       341 pairs (up 10%)

Shag            474 pairs (up 22%)

Kittiwake   3,507 pairs (up 20%)

Guillemot   16,468 pairs (up 2%)

Razorbill    3,899 pairs (up 9%)

Puffins         40,000 pairs (level)

Arctic Tern 832 pairs (up 58%)

Common Tern 29 pairs (up 53%)

Sandwich Tern 4 pairs

However this isn’t all the birds which breed on the island as Oystercatchers, Pied Wagtails, Rock Pipits and Swallows all make the May their home. The breeding success might not match the great news about the population increases, but our friends at CEH are currently crunching numbers to discover just how good or bad productivity was.

Overall despite the weather we’ve got to be reasonably pleased as seabirds are struggling nationally and its good to have some positive news for a change. Long may it continue….


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