First Seal Pup!


New life! Our first Grey Seal pup of the autumn (Gus Routledge)


Healthy baby boy (Gus Routledge)


Pup doing well (Gus Routledge)

Thursday 14th September comments: New life! The Seal season has begun as this morning the Isle of May NNR welcomed its first Grey Seal pup to the world; a young male on the north rocks of the island. The pup, born overnight was in a healthy state with mother in attendance and over the next three week’s we’ll keep a close eye on its development.

Female Grey Seals pup on the Isle of May from September-December (peaking early-November) and almost 2,500 will be born during this period making it one of the most significant Grey Seal pup nurseries in the UK. The mothers will feed their pups with milk for 16-21 days during which time the pup will gain an average of 30kg (66lbs). During the lactation period the female will lose up to 65kg (143lbs) of her body weight. Thereafter the pup will moult and the mother will leave as it has reached independence (it’s a harsh upbringing, independent at just 21 days!)

Hopefully our first pup will survive and soon we’ll have plenty more pups to tell you about. We’ll also be welcoming the team from St.Andrews University who study the seals from mid-October, so plenty of more Seal news to follow…

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