Pups on the Up!


Welcome to the world seal pup!


Mum and pup

Pup feeding

Feeding time

Thursday 5th October comments: we have well and truly entered Seal season now. The first pup was born on the Isle of May NNR on 14th September and since we’ve had a steady birth rate across the island with over twenty pups now born. As autumn advances the birth rate will continue to increase daily and we’ll expect 2,500 pups born by the end of the year.

Female Grey Seals (called cows) are attentive mothers and will remain with their pups throughout the 21 day lactation period (losing almost half her body weight in the process!). However after that the pup is on its own and has to fend for itself and head out into the North Sea in search of food (it’s a tough upbringing!)

We are still some time away from the first pup leaving but we’ll watch the colonies with interest as plenty about to happen; more mothers are moving up, more pups are being born and then the bull seals arrive….then things get serious. Watch this space…

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