Beach babes

Pilgrims Seals (1)

Seals and pups on the beach (Bex Outram)


Femal Seal

Keeping a watchful eye (Bex Outram)

Bull Fight

fight club; bull seals have started arriving

Tuesday 10th October comments; with the lack of favourable winds to bring bird migrants to the island, the Isle of May NNR has a very autumnal and end of season feel to it. However as we all know, it’s far from over as the autumn is just stirring into life…

All around the island we are seeing the number of Grey Seals and pups increase daily with seven on our Pilgrim Havens beach alone. The mothers (cow seals) are weaning young and protecting them from the North Sea whilst the pups go about their business of putting on weight as they head for independence.

It’s not all sweetness and light though as the male (bull) seals are arriving and that is leading to one thing; fights (bull seals will fight off rival males on the colonies). As the seal season continues to develop we’ll expect many more pups and plenty more action, so be warned, things are going to get tasty.

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