The Changing Face of the Isle of May

seal 2

Grey Seal numbers increasing daily

seal 1

Watching me, watching you!

seal 3

View looking direct south from visitor centre – watch it change over next few weeks

Wednesday 11th October comments: The Isle of May NNR continues to change as Grey Seals continue to arrive. Today we welcomed even more cow seals and three new pups were born across the island.

The photograph above (third down) will be familiar to those who have visited the Isle of May previously. Its taken from the visitor centre looking direct south and during the summer months, Arctic Terns, puffins and other ground nesting birds can be seen from this point. At present there is very little life and the vegetation is slowly dying back.

However this view will change and over the next few weeks, it will gradually fill with more and more seals and pups. We’ll keep posting a regular photo from this spot to show how the colony changes on the island and what the island looks like in November; its a very different place and a very active place because this is Seal season.

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