Weather warning…


Mondays weather was foul and grim…


Tuesday weather bring ‘arrows of doom’


Whilst Wednesdays weather brings promise of birds!

Monday 16th October comments: Its been a turbulent autumn with westerly winds dominating and as a result very few migrant birds have been recorded on the island but that may be about to change…

Today the wind is calm with low cloud and rain, making the day rather dreich (a great Scottish word meaning bleak) but tomorrow that will all change. The weather forecast is suggesting that we’ll get the tail-end of hurricane Ophelia which is currently battering Ireland and the west coast. However this weather system is fast moving and by Wednesday the wind direction will be switching and coming straight from the east…bringing birds!


Its always an exciting time on the east coast with easterly winds blowing as we’ll hopefully see a good arrival of birds especially winter thrushes like Redwing and Fieldfare moving through. So batten down the hatches, brace yourself, we could be in for a stormy but good week!

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