Migrants arrive


Brambling starting to move through the Isle of May


Short-eared owls back in residence


50+ Goldcrest arrived in last few days

Wednesday 18th October comments: It wasn’t the big arrival we were expecting but migrant birds have started appearing across the island with the first wave arriving today. The winds have switched to the east and with it the possibility that we’d get lots of migrant birds arriving.

Small numbers of migrating Blackbirds and Redwings arrived whilst a Ring Ouzel (heading south for the winter) stopped to fuel up. The UK’s smallest bird; the Goldcrest, were scattered across the island alongside several other migrating birds whilst a Black Redstart was the star attraction.

As well as migratory birds, others have taken up residence and at least two Short-eared Owls are back, taking advantage of our large mouse population! With more easterly winds are forecast, it still looks good for the potential of more to arrive. We’ve not seen the end of autumn migration just yet…

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