Danger removed

pot 1

A young Seal pup amongst washed up lobster pots

Pup 2

Danger for all concerned (pup snuggled in on left hand side)

Pot 3

Job done. Out of harms way

Sunday 22nd October comments: In recent weeks we’ve experienced some severe weather and as a direct result, we noticed several smashed up lobster pots which had come ashore on Pilgrims Haven (a major Seal pupping beach).

On inspection, it was evident that the pots and the various ropes and lines could have serious consequences for the Seal pups and mothers which have started pupping. With a lot more seals expected over the forthcoming weeks we took the decision to remove the potential hazard. A military style operation took place, working at high tide and with minimal disturbance, we removed the various debris. Thankfully the seals showed little reaction and were probably grateful for the removal of the pots.

So a job well done, a real potential hazard removed and now we can leave the beach to the Grey Seals, safe in the knowledge that they’ll get on with life as normal. One such issue dealt with, now lets move onto the plastics and rubbish which has been washing ashore…

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