Beacon of the May

Beacon 1 (Finished)

Beacon 2 (Finished)

Tuesday 24th October comments: Bright, white and looking good! The conservation job on the Beacon, Scotland’s oldest lighthouse, is complete and once again the historic building is looking magnificent in the Isle of May NNR landscape.

The job of protecting the building was undertaken by Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) with initial work starting back in January. However a combination of weather, nesting seabirds and a few issues along the way, resulted in a few delays but the end result is impressive.

The Beacon is Scotland first (and oldest) lighthouse having originally being built in 1636. It was three floored with a coal burning basket on the roof, which use to burn one ton of coal per night. However this was eventually superseded by the main Stevenson lighthouse which was operational by September 1816. However rather than completely demolishing the building, they removed the top two floors and left the base as a monument to the first lighthouse to help warn ships navigate the Firth of forth.

So anyone visiting the island next year will be very impressed with the job and more importantly it’s conserving the building for another generation to enjoy. A job well done by all concerned.

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