Seal Season continues



Let sleeping babies sleep…


Youngster getting an important feed


The island is changing…the pathways are being blocked

Friday 27th October comments: Seal season is well upon the Isle of May NNR as we are fast approaching the end of the month and yet more change to the island. The Grey Seals are slowly and surely taking over as animals arrive on a daily basis. Pupping is taking place across the north and south of the island and soon they’ll be hundreds of pups scattered across the May.

As a result life changes on the island as movements for us are restricted in the north and south to reduce disturbance at this important time of year which includes the closure of the east facing jetty. Pupping should peak mid-November and the island should support 2,500 pups by mid-December so we’ve still got some way to go.

Its all part of the Isle of May cycle as we’ve converted from an important seabird island to just as important a Grey Seal nursery. The next six weeks should prove interesting and as usual, we’ll be bringing you all the new and views from this very special isle.


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