Bird Obs Winter Dormancy

Saturday 4th November comments: Today saw the closing of the Isle of May Bird Observatory for the season, as the final ‘closing down’ team departed for the mainland. The Bird Observatory is Scotland ‘s oldest, having been founded in 1934 and is open every year from early April to the end of October.

Throughout that period, teams of up to six have been resident from Saturday to Saturday helping contribute heavily to the daily bird ringing and migration census on the island. The photographs above are just a snapshot of some of the teams who have made this season such a success (resulting in the second highest ever number of birds recorded on the island).

Highlights for the groups have included the islands third ever Two-barred Crossbill, both Goshawk and Honey Buzzard recorded from the front door and over 50 Storm Petrels trapped and ringed during the summer. The Bird Observatory is run by a Trust with more details on their website: including reports on bird sightings from the island.

As time progresses, we are now down to the Seal teams living on the island but more on them over the course of the next week or so. Until then we are just saying thank-you to everyone at the Bird Observatory this year and look forward to seeing many of you again next.  Bring on 2018….

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