Changing Isle of May

Seal colony 1

South end of the Island looking very different

Suckling pups

Suckling cow seals with their pups

Seal colony 2

All pathways blocked!

Monday 6th November comments: The Isle of May NNR has slowly and surely being changing over the course of the last few weeks. The number of pupping Grey Seals has increased dramatically across the island and in some cases, entire areas are now blocked off by seals!

We’ve now closed the main east face jetty to reduce disturbance and the entire south end is covered with Grey Seals, as the photos show (with plenty more to come). Its an exciting time on the island and the seal research teams are very active monitoring and working with our new residents.

The Isle of May is one of the most important Grey Seal colonies down the east coast with 2,500 pups born annually and numbers should peak mid-November. We’ll keep on bringing you updated news and photos as the seal season develops.

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