Wood You Believe it!?


Woodcock arriving in good number today


One in the hand is worth….

Jamie Coleman (45)

Fieldfare on the move (but only in small numbers) photo Jamie Coleman


Redwing still arriving

Tuesday 7th November comments: (Isle of May NNR) Just when we were saying that migration is over…it certainly is not! Late yesterday the winds switched direction to the south and today birds were moving through the island.

An estimated 60 Woodcock were present (springing up from under your feet at every turn) as birds are migrating in from Russia to spend the winter in the UK. Several birds were caught and showed very little fat on them suggesting they were fresh in and with favourable weather in the next twelve hours, will be moving on and reaching the UK mainland tonnight.

Its always exciting to see diurnal migration and early November is a good time to witness the arrival of Woodcock into the UK. Alongside our cryptic friends, Thrushes were also on the move with 400 Redwing, 227 Blackbird and a handful of Fieldfare. Interestingly very few Fieldfare have arrived this autumn; an indication that things are not as cold in Scandinavia and hence why they’ve yet to move? Only time will tell but otherwise its been a good day for migrating birds across the May!

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