Seals Galore!

seal colony (14th nov b)

Seal zone; entire Isle of May south end taken over

Seal colony (14th Nov)

mums and pups scattered across the island


No boats gaining access to our east jetty for a while

Thursday 16th November comments: The Isle of May NNR is awash with Grey Seals and we are at a peak for the number of pups being born. Aerial survey counts will reveal the true extent of the number born but we expect to be in the region of 2,500 pups by the time we close in mid-December.

As you can see from the photos, the entire south end of the island is covered in Seals and the jetty system is closed as pups take over. Its certainly very different from the greenery of the lush vegetation and seabirds of the summer months.

However change is on the horizon as the first of the Seal pups are away, having already become independent. In little over six weeks time, the majority of the colony will have departed leaving the island to go dormant for the winter. The natural history cycle of the Isle of May continues…

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