Seal Safari

seal pup and mum

Mother and pup beside the visitor centre entrance


Mother and outside the front door!


Main road on the May blocked!

Saturday 25th November comments: The Isle of May NNR has certainly changed in recent weeks and as a gentle reminder of who really owns the island at this time of year you just need to look at the above photographs!


Grey Seals (cows, bulls and pups) completely dominate the south and north end of island including the jetty landings (this is now closed to prevent disturbance) and even the bit in the middle is being taken over. Several mums have now given birth around the visitor centre whilst one has crept further up towards the main residence.

It’s not just the adults, but young second coat pups are now wandering freely having successfully reached independence. One pup even made it to the Loch although disappointingly for it, it wasn’t the North Sea and will have to keep going. Its a changing world on the Isle of May.

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