Moths 2017


Magpie – 6th year recorded on the Isle of May

Garden Tiger

Garden Tiger – recorded every year.

Canary-shoulder Thorn

Canary-shouldered Thorn – 2 individuals recorded this year.

Tuesday 12th December comments: This year has been exceptional for moth records with a record breaking number of different species being recorded; 106 different species to be exact! This included seven species recorded for the first time on the island. The last previous record was 96 different species in 2013.

Throughout the season the island residents from Fluke Street and the IoM Bird Observatory set moth traps at night, a light over a catching box, and then in the morning identify and record the numbers of the moths before being released.  The trap works by the moths being drawn towards the light and then fall into the box unharmed, taking shelter in egg boxes that are placed in the box.

There is common thought that moths are brown, boring and even scary but there over 2500 different species in the UK all with a unique pattern, yes some are brown but others are colourful and bright, such as the Garden Tiger, a regular to the Isle of May in the summer. This year we also caught two Canary-shoulder Thorn, another stunning moth. So, if you see a moth take a closer look and admire their patterns.

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