Dormant May


Isle of May in early January 2018


Very quiet….


…nothing, no Puffins, no seals…dormant season!

Friday 12th January comments: The Isle of May NNR is very much in its dormant season as very little is stirring, not even a mouse (well that maybe not true as plenty of mice on the island, but you get the idea that it is quiet).

Apart from the over-wintering Shags and the Guillemots which are on the cliffs for an hour or so each day; its quiet for its seabird as most are still on wintering grounds a few months away from returning. The Grey Seal breeding season is now complete although the haul out area has up to 500 animals present but numbers will dwindle.

However if you look hard enough, even in the mid-winter slumber the island still offers nature a home as up to seven Short-eared owls are overwintering whilst small numbers of passerines like Robin and Wrens are living out an existence. However it won’t be long before its all change as the seabird season is about to start…you’ve been warned.

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