Winter Work


‘Steely’ at work behind the computer screen

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Reports and paperwork

Wednesday 17th January comments: Running the Isle of May NNR is an all year round job although many people ask what we do during the winter months? Having spent nine months living and working on the island, the winter months are very different for those islanders having to get use to mainland life.

The winter months give all those connected to the Isle of May the opportunity to get all the important paperwork complete from annual reports to analysing data. Work is very different as working hours are dictated by office opening hours of  9am-5pm, Monday-Friday; a very different world from the wildlife-filled irregular long hours out on the Isle of May (and we don’t get too many distractions in the office, I can’t recall the last time we had Orcas going by to send us running!)

However it is an important time as we can prepare for the new season whilst completing reports from the previous year. Mid-winter visits ensure we stay connected to the island but more importantly it gives everyone a chance to recharge batteries because before long, March will be upon us and we’ll be off again. All aboard the Isle of May!

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