Pups Away!


The seal pup as seen on Seabird Centre webcam (see link below) 

Monday 22nd January comments: The Isle of May NNR is offering up yet more mid-winter surprises! Just as we start looking forward to the new seabird season, the island surprises us with a Seal pup! The pup was born late last week on the sheltered beach of Pilgrims Haven and is doing well, with mother in attendance.

Grey Seals generally give birth from mid-September to late-December and although this is late, its not that unusual. We are glad to report the pup is doing well and our friends at the North Berwick Seabird Centre have a live webcam beamed onto the beach and you can view the pup at: https://seabird.org/wildlife/webcams/isle-of-may-beach/12/28/93

We’ll keep track of the pup as it grows over the next few weeks but its a welcome (late!) addition to the Grey Seal pup season of 2017 (into 2018….). Fingers crossed the youngster can keep out of trouble and hopefully reach independence and as usual, we’ll keep you posted with all the latest.

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