Battle of the Isle of May (final part)

2, battle of IOM

The tragic ‘battle’ remembered yesterday in Anstruther

3, Battle IOM

yesterdays service


1, Anster

Yesterday at the Battle of the Isle of May

Thursday 1st February comments: (Isle of May) Part Four: The ‘Battle of the Isle of May’ lasted for less than a few hours on the evening of 31st January 1918. No enemy warships were involved and no shots were fired in anger.

However that fateful evening a total of 104 men lost their lives just north of the Isle of May as a flotilla of British warships and submarines were involved in accidental collisions; a combination of bad luck and human error resulting in the catastrophe.

Yesterday a service was held at St Ayle church, Anstruther which was well attended by locals, dignitries and Armed Forces to mark the centenary of the tragic events which played out off the Isle of May. We will never forget the sacrifice made by those that night.

If you would like to learn more about the ‘battle’ the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther are running an exhibition on the subject:

Whilst further reading should include the fabulous book ‘K Boat Catastrophe, The Full Story of the Battle of the Isle of May’ by N.S.Nash.

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