International May!



Main mapMonday 19th February comments: The Isle of May blog is a great way to share the comings-and-goings of the wonderful island with all our visitors, supporters and friends worldwide enjoying the views and comments from us.

Interestingly clicking on the statistics page of the blog reveals the countries which people view the blog and on how many occasions. As you’d expect the UK brings the largest support with the USA, Germany, Netherlands and Italy making up the other top five viewing countries.

Surprisingly the Isle of May blog has been viewed by many people across many countries (as shown in yellow on the above map) and we’ve even had people looking from the British Virgin Islands, Bahrain, Iraq and Somalia amongst others!

However we still have a few gaps, with obvious omissions including North Korea, Iran and Greenland but we can still fill in some gaps so if you’re ever visiting Paraguay, Uzbekistan or Tajikstan, remember to check us out! The worldwide Isle of May, reaching every corner of the globe.

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