Beast from the East…

4 Arriving

Isle of May in sight….

1 west cliffs

Bare empty cliffs

3 top

Empty tops!

2 empty cliffs

Not a seabird in sight


Monday 26th February comments: The Isle of May NNR is bracing itself as the ‘beast from the east’ is about to reach our shores. And what do you do when temperatures plummet; snow showers forecast and big seas about to batter the island? Well you move back on of course…. (are we mad?!)

This morning a small team moved onto the Isle of May for the week to start the preparations for the forthcoming season. The team are well prepared with plenty of thermals, food and water to survive the week (and maybe beyond?) as the easterly weather front is about to hit (and we’ll confess, we have a beer or two).

On arrival the island looked disserted apart from a few rabbits and mice but slowly and surely the place came to life as Shags returned to roost, small numbers of Auks (Guillemots and Razorbills) whipped across the wave tops and the occasional Gannet sheared north. It was also noticeable that Fulmars were back in good numbers and Eiders have increased in recent weeks. However as temperatures plummet, that will all change… over to you the beast from the east…

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