Beauty and the Beast

1 Snow 27th Feb

White-out on the Isle of May this afternoon

3 Snow 27th Feb

Rare event; snow on the May

4 Snow 27th Feb

No Puffins just snow down the burrows

2 Snow 27th Feb

The beautiful Isle of May

Tuesday 27th February comments: Welcome to winter Isle of May style! The ‘Beast from the East’ was predicted and today it delivered. The east wind picked up and by mid-afternoon there was a complete white-out across the island.

Snow is rarely recorded on the island due to a combination of no-one living on here during the winter months but also the harsh coastal (salt) environment usually means snow is only seen on rare occasions. Today was one of those cold rare occasions…

The island was covered by mid-afternoon with everything from Puffins burrows to the lighthouse receiving a good covering. The easterly weather front is living up to its expectations and are we expecting more? We’ll have to wait and see… It’ll also be interesting to see if we get any hard-weather bird movements, as birds start to struggle to find food further north – remember to feed those garden birds in these extreme times.

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