Warning Red Alert!

Wednesday 28th February comments: It’s been an epic spell on the Isle of May and it’s not over yet… Today the Met office declared a ‘red weather warning’ for all areas within Forth area as heavy snow and strong easterly winds were predicted and it didn’t disappoint…

Following the previous few days of easterly winds and snow, the island received even more of the white stuff as temperatures plummeted and the wind cranked up a notch. It’s impressive to see Mother Nature in full action as there is nothing to protect us from the ravages of the North Sea.

The island was is in complete shut-down as the Loch started to freeze over, deep snow started drifting and wind was rattling the windows. This is the Isle of May and this is an easterly storm. With even stronger winds predicted for tomorrow just how bad can it get…. Batten down the hatches here comes snow-mageddon.

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