Early morning start and a view from the back door…


The Loch almost frozen


The Low Light looking majestic in the snow


A cold, wind and sea swept Isle of May


The main walkway at Palpitation Brae blocked with snow 

Thursday 1st March comments: One word to describe today on the Isle of May; epic! The east wind cranked a notch higher (to severe gale force 9 at times) which brought yet more snow across the island and temperatures plummeted even further. Oh and it was the 1st March so technically the first day of spring…honest.

It was a cold start to the day as opening the door revealed plenty more snow had fallen overnight which was drifting to a few feet in places on the island. The islands Loch was almost completely frozen over (the first occasion in recent memory) and the seas were heavy with the wave buoy measurements indicating sea swell of over 6 metres (18 foot) which was pounding the east shoreline.

It certainly was a day to stay inside, staying safe and warm but it was still epic to witness the might of the weather and the snow which had fallen onto the Isle of May. However our attention now turns to escaping the Isle as tomorrow we are meant to be leaving…I don’t fancy our chances!

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