Snow Business


Something we don’t do everyday; digging the quad out of snow!


Seal stops play! Look careful…a young seal sneaks under the quad!


Neil looks on as the boat approaches! We’re getting off…

Sunday 4th March comments: It’s been an epic seven days on the Isle of May as the Beast from the East delivered in style bringing extreme temperatures and heavy snow to the island. Originally we planned to be on the island until Friday but that all changed with the weather system.

We were hopefully of escaping on Saturday but the mountainous North Sea was having its say but today was our chance. With forecasts suggesting the winds would strengthen again (from the east!) we had to seize the moment. However it wasn’t that simple as we had to navigate the road systems on the island which were full of snow (we had to dig the quad out of snow drift twice) before the most bizarre of events…a young Grey Seal sneaked under the quad halting us in our tracks as we were about to move on. We’re glad to say the wee animal was fine and within a few minutes the it had moved on unharmed.

Eventually we continued our escape off the island and through breaking waves the trustworthy Roy & Alex arrived in the Osprey boat to whisk us off the island and back to Anstruther (in amongst huge swell and easterly breakers). It’s been a great week on the island to see it in such conditions but tonight a warm bath, a hearty meal and a pint will go down well.

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