Litter Despair

litter 3

The team cleaning the beach of the Isle of May

litter 2

Flying plastic menace; Balloons remain a real issue even 6 miles out to sea

Litter 1

Plastics amongst along the shoreline

Friday 13th April comments: There is no escape. The Isle of May NNR does not escape the menace of modern day society; plastic. As part of our job out here the team clean the main beaches of the island and despite sitting 6 miles out at sea, its astonishing what we collect.


Plastic makes up the majority of the litter we discover as it comes in all sorts of forms from bottles to food containers. Its sad to see the amount we pick up and remove knowing that the next incoming tide will bring even more. Litter is a serious issue for our seas and its frightening what gathers and washes in.

Even balloons are a menace which surprises a lot of people but this ‘plastic on a string’ causes so many issues; whether it is entanglement with birds or forcing birds to scatter off nest ledges (which results in eggs/young falling off cliffs). Either way its all bad news. However we’ll keep trying to educate and keep collecting from the shorelines to help improve the environment of the Isle of May. However its an uphill battle…

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