New Eggs and Ducklings!


The tube nose Fulmar now incubating eggs


Plenty of females still sitting on nests


Our new additions to the island – Eider ducklings!

Tuesday 15th May comments: The Isle of May seabird season is well and truly underway! Over the last couple of days, we have had the first Fulmar egg and our first Eider ducklings. The terns are becoming more active and displaying to each other with fish and the Kittiwakes are busily building nests, both will be laying eggs over the next coming weeks.

The first Fulmar egg was the joint earliest date on recorded, unlike most other species which have been late this year.  These birds taken their time over the breeding season, incubating eggs for around 60 days and their chicks will be the last to depart the island in late summer.

The Eider duckling were discovered on the Loch yesterday, the first of many using the fresh water to have their first swim. The females have sat incubating eggs for nearly a month and soon after the ducklings have hatched she will lead them to water for her to feed again. Over the next month many ducklings will be seen on the Loch forming crèches being guarded by many females against the prowling gulls.

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