Migrant Madness

Greenish Warbler (Scott Jones)

Rare visitor from the east; Greenish Warbler (Scott Jones)

Marsh Warbler (Bex Outram)

A rare Marsh Warbler (Bex Outram)

RB Shrike (Sam Oates)

Female Red-backed Shrike with Low Light cottage in background (Sam Oakes)


Sunday 27th May comments: The Isle of May what a place. The island is an incredible place for wildlife and one aspect we’ve not talked about this spring is the migrant birds. It’s fair to say we’ve had a lean spring for migrant birds as good weather (it’s been too sunny!) has resulted in very few migrants arriving especially scarce or rare visitors. However that has all changed in the last twenty-four hours…

As easterly winds picked up (the best wind to bring birds) and the harr (foggy conditions) drifted in, so have the migrants. The best of the bunch has been a Short-toed lark only the 6th record for the island and first since 1998, whilst A Greenish Warbler was only the fifth spring record for the island. Other noticeable highlights have included a Marsh Warbler (first since May 2012), two Icterine Warblers and a Red-back Shrike. Chuck in lots of common migrants birds like Lesser Whitethroat, Garden Warblers, Blackcaps and you can see it’s been a busy few days.

The Isle of May will never cease to amaze and its during times like this you realise what an incredible please it is. With more easterly winds forecast, don’t put it past this place to get even more. Watch this space…

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