Counting Challenge

Counting 1

Counting seabird populations on the Isle of May

Counting 4

Its not all hard work although cliffs are difficult to count!

counting 3

And the challenge of foggy conditions!

Counting 2

Counted! A female Eider on the Isle of May

Tuesday 29th May comments: The last three days on the Isle of May has seen the start of the counting season as the SNH team (including colleagues from other reserves and the nearby Cupar office) have been involved in the all-island count of nesting Eider ducks and large Gulls.

Earlier this month we started the Puffin census but over a six day period we aim to have completed the entire population counts of Eiders and large Gulls. The Isle of May supports one of the most significant colonies of Eiders (we had over 1,100 nesting birds during our last count) and it’ll be interesting to see what the results bring this year.

The team walk every square inch of the island, side-by-side ‘police search’ style and count all nests they discover. This will eventually reveal our final population totals. Its a big job and plenty of people are involved who we are greatly thankful for. However it does no end here as on 1st June (Friday!) we start counting the cliff nesting species. Its certainly all go and never dull…

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