Dolphin Days (again)


Bottle-nosed Dolphins yesterday off the Isle of May (Simon Chapman)


Youngster with the adults (Simon Chapman)


impressive beats (Simon Chapman)


Bottle-nosed Dolphin (Simon Chapman)

Wednesday 4th July comments: The amazing Isle of May National Nature Reserve. Once again wildlife never failed to disappoint as yesterday a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins was discovered between the island and Anstruther and seen from the local tourist boats.


The pod, up to twenty animals, followed the boat for a short period and included at least two juveniles (which can be seen on the above photos). The pod have now been seen a few times in recent weeks and its hoped they’ll become a more regular feature.

As certain fish species move into the area during the summer months, the number of whales and dolphins increase and July-August is peak time to see something special. Harbour porpoise are the most common but Bottle-nosed Dolphins are seen regularly whilst Minke Whales will be appearing soon. Its never dull on the Isle of May…

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