Seabird update

Sunday 8th July comments: The Isle of May is in full swing as the breeding seabirds are full of busy feeding hungry youngsters. As we head into mid-July here is the latest news from the Isle of May colonies;

Puffins All chicks hatched across the colony with adults actively bringing food to hungry youngsters. Due to the late start to the breeding season (following a cold spring) the first chick has yet to fledge (we expect the first one around 13th July). As a result birds will be present well into August.

Guillemot and Razorbill: Birds are now fledging each evening as the number of ‘jumplings’ heading out to the open sea with their fathers continues to increase. All birds should be away by end of July.

Shags: Very evident as plenty of medium to large-sized chicks now in nests scattered across the island, although most have now lost their breeding ‘crests’ as the business end of the season approaches.  

Kittiwakes: A tough season with many birds not even attempting to breed. However still plenty of chicks with those who have attempted. Full breeding figures will be revealed later this month.

Arctic and Common Terns: It’s been a disappointing year with various issues hampering breeding success. Birds are still present with small youngsters being fed but a full blog post on the plight of our Terns will come soon.

Eiders: The breeding season is now over having successfully nested in good numbers (the population increased by 4% with 1,183 females nesting). The majority have taken young to the relative safety of the nearby coastal mainland.

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