Puffin chick 3

Fat healthy Puffin chick with about one week to go before fledging

1 puffin chick

A fledgling Puffin chick

2 puffin chick

Independent and looking after itself 

Wednesday 12th July comments: The Isle of May NNR has walkers….. we’re pleased to announce its not something from an apocalyptic world but indeed Pufflins on the march!

The Puffins on the east coast of Britain started nesting late this season due to the cold weather (we had snow!) in early spring. The first eggs were only discovered on 24th April (later than in recent years) and the first chicks hatched on 3rd June.  And now we’ve got our first Pufflins walking!

Young Puffins (known as Pufflins) will leave the relative safety of their burrows after 40 days as they head for freedom and independence. Without parents’ consent the young will leave under the cover of darkness and will walk to sea, hence the ‘walkers’ blog title. Once they reach the sea they’ll head out and not return to land for an entire three years…what a life!

Here on the Isle of May many youngsters will follow the path network down to the jetties as it is the easiest route, free of vegetation. For the parents, it is a job well done for another year and slowly and surely they’ll leave the breeding colonies for the open sea. Interestingly because of the delayed start, we’ll have Puffins on the island throughout the first few weeks of August (and probably even longer) so still plenty of time to see them!

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