Seal Pup!

Monday 1st October comments: We’ve got Seal pups! The Isle of May Seal season is well and truly underway as we’ve confirmed the birth of three pups across the island. The Isle of May is a hugely significant Grey Seal nursery; one of the biggest in the UK with over 2,500 pups born annually. The first pups are born at this time of year with a peak in early November before the last pup is born in mid-December.

Today we are celebrating the birth of three pups across the island, the first of many. The island is now closed to the public which will allow these shy animals an opportunity to pup undisturbed (apart from the two reserve staff who have a combined 25 years of experience working with Seals).

Its great news we’ve started the seal season and we’ll bring you updated and highlights as the colony continues to grow. We’ll soon lose access to our jetties (too many seals) as the Isle of May will slowly transform. Welcome to Seal season, it’s not going to be dull. (all photos Bex Outram/David Steel SNH)

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