Life on the May

Saturday 6th October comments: People often ask about life on the Isle of May. The island has some incredible wildlife and is steeped in history but what is it actually like to live and work on one of Scotland’s most important national nature reserves?

As reserve staff we live on here for nine months of the year dealing with everything that goes on from management to visitors, research and to anything else that comes along! In some respects we’ve become ‘jack-of-all-trades’ as if something goes wrong out here we have to sort. One minute we can be finding an unusual rare bird and then fixing a broken generator the next; island life is never dull.

Life on the May is comfortable as we live in the former lighthouse keepers cottages known as ‘Fluke Street’ which has running water, power showers and home comforts. Our internet is beamed over whilst coal fires with radiators ensure we stay  warm. Our power is supplied from a series of solar panels whilst the drinking water is pumped from ground source and treated.

Overall living on the Isle of May is varied and fun, but it still remains a privilege to live and work on one of the best nature reserves this country has to offer. Would we change it? Of course not!

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