Seal Survival


With high tides and winds this pup was washed away


The mother kept close-by 


She even helped the pup keep above the water


All end well as the tide dropped

Tuesday 9th October comments: The Grey Seals pup in every nook and cranny on the Isle of May and every year pups are born at Milldoor. This is a risky area for the seals; although quiet, it has a low-lying boulder beach that gets washed through at spring high tides and we are having those at the minute! A 5.6 metre tide combined with strong westerly winds meant the two seal pups down there were in danger.

One pup was safe; however, the other was not! It had been swept out to sea and at we first thought it was gone but after five minutes the mother popped up with a tired looking little white face close by. Miraculously the pup had survived out at sea for over an hour swimming, constantly battling against the swell. The mother was so attentive, keeping close to her young, even nudging it to the surface for air and trying to rest the pup on her back.

After an agonising fifteen minutes watching this drama, feeling helpless, the swell subsided and both were able to ground themselves on the beach. Almost immediately the mother was feeding the tired and hungry pup. Although it kept getting washed away by the odd wave it kept coming back for more nutritious fat rich milk.

It is a tough introduction to life for these pups but hopefully facing these challenges will make them stronger and able to survive the many more challenges they will come up against in their lives.

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