Storm Force


The Isle of May battered…


Big seas, big storm


Seal mums and pups trying their best to stay safe

Tuesday 23rd October comments: The Isle of May has been battered and bruised over the last 24 hours as yet another strong westerly storm has moved in. The westerly winds have certainly been dominant this autumn and this was another biggy.

The seas have been high and the wildlife on the island has been trying its best to shelter. That includes the Grey Seal colonies with the low lying beach at Pilgrims Haven susceptible to the heavy seas. Seal pups must remain out of the sea at this crucial stage as the shear brute strength of the North Sea would result in certain death for the youngsters.

However we’re please to report that despite the weather, the cow seals have been doing well in sheltering vulnerable pups and keeping them at arms length from the sea (you can see them huddled together in the bottom of the three photos). Its never easy raising young….especially on an island in the North Sea during the autumn…. Good luck pups!

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