The Isle of Seal

Thursday 25th October comments: The Isle of May continues to change as the Grey Seal pupping season is well upon us. All across the island the number of pregnant females increases daily as all the major pupping nurseries are starting to fill up (white coated pups everywhere!)

We’ve now got over 150 pups and even areas like the jetty system (which we close soon to reduce disturbance) are starting to get more active. Its all very gentle at present as young freshly born pups are finding their way in the world, suckling from their mothers. The milk of a Grey Seal is high in fat content (almost 60%) allowing the youngsters to put on nearly 2kgs per day and its starting to show in a few of the first born.

After 18-21 days, the youngsters will moult their white coat and then independence looms as their mothers leave them. However that’s when things get more interesting as the Bull seals arrive… but more on that later.

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