Gooses, Geese’s!

Office 1

Office window visitors….

Office 2

Wild Pink-footed Geese taking a break and a drink

Wednesday 31st October comments: The strange old world of the Isle of May. The wildlife of the island can be at your doorstep and this morning it literally was! Whilst working away on the computer I noticed two visitors taking advantage of a small puddle on the concrete slab opposite the SNH office.

Much to my surprise it was two wild Pink-footed Geese! These birds have been arriving since mid-September to winter in the UK although it is unusual to find them stopping over on the island (they usual are seen flying over). Even more interesting these two birds (part of a larger flock) are grazing and refueling on the island and this morning waddled up to the pool for a drink!

We’ve never seen this before and were amazed at how relaxed the birds were. However soon they’ll be replenished and on their way south to wintering grounds in Norfolk and beyond. Until then we’ll enjoy our unusual guests and let them catch-up on a well deserved drink.

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