Its our island now…

17th october (downsized)

The jetty and south side of the island on 17th October…

31st october (downsized)

…just 14 days later and look at the change! Seal island!

Friday 2nd November comments: Welcome to November on the Isle of May and don’t be under any illusion, the island now belongs to the Grey Seals. The number of adults arriving on the colonies has been steadily increasing daily over the last few weeks and as you can see from the above photos it has changed!

The pathways and road systems across the island where people once walked are now crammed with Grey Seals and their pups. The jetty system is now closed to all as we keep disturbance down to a minimum (and for our own safety!) as Seal season is well and truly here.

To watch the Isle of May evolve into one of the most important Grey Seal colonies the country has to offer is fascinating and we’ll keep on bringing you news from the island as things change. However it’s not all about Seals at this time of year but more on that soon….

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