December visit

1 seal trip

Early December and Seals remain

Wednesday 5th December comments: The Isle of May is starting to head towards winter dormancy although we still have plenty of Grey Seals present. The photos above show a snap shot of the island taken just a couple of days ago revealing several Grey Seals and their pups around the visitor centre.

Following the end of the Seal season in late December the island will retreat into a state of dormancy until seabirds start returning in early March. It’s always impressive to see the recovery of the island following the Seal season, as all the vegetation is dead but by the early spring it is showing signs of recovery.

Until then the island will remain quiet but we’ll be making brief visits out and will keep you all posted (as ever) on what is happening on the mighty Isle of May. Its been a great season but another is just about to start…not long now!

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