Visiting in April?

Monday 7th January Comments: Visitors to the Isle of May can have an amazing experience at any time of the year as every day is different from the minute we open on 1st April to the day we close at the end of September. Over the next week we’ll bring you the highlights and what to expect month-by-month so you can get planning…


In late March the staff return to the island and on 1st April we open our doors to the visiting public. The first week of the month can be very exciting as our huge population of Puffins will be touching land for the first time since last August. Over the following fortnight birds will be settling and spring cleaning burrows ready for the new breeding season (Puffins will be on eggs by mid-April). Elsewhere on the cliffs Shags will have well-constructed nests (and potentially eggs by early April) whilst the Auks (Guillemot and Razorbills) will be settling and on eggs by late April. The terns have yet to return but Eider ducks will be displaying on the main island Loch and the first birds on eggs by mid-month.

The month of April is certainly a great time to explore the Isle of May as the boats are less busy, and with the added extra of the Stevenson lighthouse opening at weekends, there is plenty to see. Even if you are not into nature, the island is just a great place to visit to enjoy the rugged landscape, admire the fabulous views and take in the excitement of a boat journey across the North Sea. To book a place on the boats, check out the links below:

May Princess (sails from Anstruther):

Osprey (sails from Anstruther):

Seabird Rib (sails from North Berwick):

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