The end?

Tuesday 8th January comments: The Isle of May; has it just lost a dear friend? Yesterday on social media Matt Brook and Mark Eaton reported the discovery of the above Guillemot (right photo) found dead on the tideline of Aberlady bay in Lothian.

Looking at the sad image it has a very close similarity to the individual which breeds on the Isle of May (left photo taken by Mark Newell) and has done for the last nine years. The bird is unique as it has a very unique yellow bill making it distinguishable amongst all the other Guillemots.

However it may not be as simple as that. Reports from other seabird colonies suggest that other yellow-billed Guillemots exist with reports from the Bass Rock and Farne Islands. So its certainly a sad loss regardless but is it the Isle of May individual? Only time will tell…

Thanks to Matt Brook, Mark Eaton and Mark Newell

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