February Favourites

Friday 22nd February comments: We’ve been out on the Isle of May for the week preparing for the new season ahead, opening up and cleaning the buildings ready for the teams arrival in late March.

However we are not the only ones who have been preparing for the new season as some of our seabirds have been very evident around the Isle. The cliff tops have been dotted with Fulmars cackling away whilst Shags (which are generally resident all year round) are now sitting at traditional nesting ledges.

On the cliffs themselves, thousands of Guillemots and Razorbills have been on the cliffs daily early in the morning as slowly and surely they prepare for a new breeding season ahead. Its interesting to witness this early season behavior as the birds appear more relaxed than they will in a few months time.

As for our other seabirds, they’ve yet to return with Puffins and Kittiwakes from the open sea, Eiders from the nearby coastline and our longest distant migrant of them all; the Arctic Tern (travelling from the Antarctic!) However plenty of time yet and its just good to see the seabirds starting to consider the new season.

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