Seabird Season update

Wednesday 22nd May Comments: The seabird breeding season is advancing and we’ve got plenty of news to share with updates below on how some of our seabird species are doing;

Puffin: Adults have been coming and going recently and with the first egg discovered on 14th April, we are not far away from the first chicks (should be last week of May)

Guillemot: Large numbers in attendance with the first egg discovered on 26th April and we are hopefully due our first chick any day soon

Razorbill: The first egg was discovered on 23rd April and we should have a chick in the near future. Over 3,500 pairs nest on the Isle of May

Eider: Plenty of females still arriving to nest but the first ducklings have hatched (first seen on 5th May) Expect large numbers to be present on the islands loch soon

Fulmar: first eggs discovered on 16th May and incubation can last for over 55 days so a lengthy period ahead before we get our first chicks in early July

Kittiwake: Although the first eggs were found on 18th May there is still plenty of nest building activity on the clifftops.

Shag: The first species to nest, birds were incubating from 1st April with chicks by 4th May. However it will be a protracted season as some birds have only just started incubating.

Tomorrow we’ll bring you full updates about all the other nesting species…

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