Tern Up

Saturday 20th July comments: We’re not complaining on the Isle of May as it has been a good season for our terns (as mentioned previously on the blog). In complete contrast to last year, it’s very evident that large numbers of Arctic and Common terns are fledging as youngsters are not sitting around the jetty system waiting to leave.

It’s a wonderful sight and when our visitors arrived, it’s the first thing which will greet them. We’re glad to report the pecking from the adult birds has almost stopped now as they are concentrating on feeding hungry youngsters. Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing the true extent of the season with population numbers and monitoring data to show just how good it’s been. We’ll not get too complacent as the season is not over just yet, but it’s close to being a success.

The photos above show one adult and three youngsters from near the jetty system. It’s hard to believe that these birds will be flying all the way to the Antarctic in the next six weeks but that is exactly what they’ll do. We wish them good luck!

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