Skulking Striper

AW Downsized 1

Our rare visitor; Aquatic Warbler (Sam Langlois)

AW Downsiszed 2

Elusive ground dweller (Sam Longlois)

Monday 29th July comments: Its rare and its still here; the Aquatic Warbler has taking a liking to the Isle of May as it remains present for its third day favouring the same area of vegetation on the island. The bird remains highly elusive (it likes to run along the ground and skulk away in vegetation) although several birders have seen it (it can show well at times).

To put into context, according to the brilliant The Birds of Scotland (Forrester & Andrews et al 2007) this is the 55th record of Aquatic Warbler for Scotland and the first since one on Fair Isle in 2015. The majority of records occur on the Northern Isles with Shetland having recorded 8, Fair Isle 36 and North Ronaldsay 1) whilst the only mainland bird was at St.Abbs Head in 1977.

Interestingly the Isle of May has now recorded 8; although this is the first one since 2001 and it also represents the earliest ever arrival in Scotland (beating the previous earliest of 1st August 1999). It just goes to show what can turn up on our wonderful nature reserves (especially islands) and we hope our visitor continues to feed well as it prepares to head south. Its got a long journey ahead of itself…

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