Migrant May (in July!)

Wednesday 31st July comments: It’s been all go on all fronts on the Isle of May in recent days as we’ve been dealing with seabirds, visitors, migrant birds and invasions of butterfly’s (more on that tomorrow). However today we’ll finish off with a roundup of migrant bird news as it’s been an impressive spell (and totally unexpected).

Late July is usually a very quiet time for bird migration with the first Willow Warbler or Sedge Warbler arriving before it really starts picking up from mid-August. However this year has been very different with some very noticeable birds in recent days 9as we’ve been reporting).

Following a switch in wind direction (to the north-east) we welcomed our first Aquatic Warbler since 2001 (a rare eastern European visitor) which was followed by a Common Rosefinch (a more regular visitor to the island but still scarce in the UK). We’ve also had Wood Warbler (an upland breeding from Scotland), three Pied Flycatchers and two Reed Warblers and it was all capped off with a Melodious Warbler (another European visitor). The Melodious only arrived late yesterday and has already departed south but this represents the eighth island record and first since 2012.

It’s been an exciting time and we’ve not even mentioned butterfly invasions…but that will all be revealed tomorrow…

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